TSLL Special Issue: What’s Next for Jane Austen?

What’s Next for Jane Austen?

Texas Studies in Literature and Language (TSLL, an established journal that’s recently come under new editorship) is planning a special issue on “What’s Next for Jane Austen?”

Janine Barchas and I are pleased to be co-editing this issue, and we’d welcome the chance to hear from you. We’re looking for 250-500 word proposals by 1 March 2018. We’ll solicit completed essays, which will be due a year after that, for a planned issue in 2020:


If you have any questions, please email Devoney Looser (devoney.looser@asu.edu) and/or Janine (
barchas@austin.utexas.edu). We’d be grateful if you shared the CFP with interested others, too, of course.

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